fredag 14. mars 2008

With closed eyes

I see you
when I close my eyes
I feel your anxiety
and your darkness
I feel your longing
and the fear of comforting
When you too
close yours-
We are two in loneliness.

tirsdag 4. mars 2008

You are just a blogger - but I miss you!

See what blogging does to you. Well it is no doubt it forms friendships.
I have not been blogging much, due to new work with long hours, plus the fact that I'm working on a few book projects - one is finally sent to publisher! Wish me luck...
I promised myself to use some of my writing capacity to produce bigger works than blog posts and that is what I have been working on.
The blogs in my favourite list are usually visited by me on a daily basis. I have tried to find time to maintain that habit, know that I read far more than I comment.
I miss you folks, not just as writers, but I miss your energy, and the dynamics between us. Isn't that strange, how one can establish a relationship of care, humour, friendliness, support with people you haven't even met "irl"?
This weekend I met one of my norwegian "blogmates" first time irl. It was a great experience. The dynamics between us were exactly as I had imagined. We had a lot to talk about - such an imaginative, giving, deep-thinking person! It had me think --- irl friendships are NOT so illusive in most cases.
I miss you guys - don't give up on me ! ;)