torsdag 29. november 2007

Time Travel

It has been a dream for human beings "through all times"... How can we travel in time?

But I wonder... How can we NOT?

Because we have left the harbour and are sailing down the stream of time, second by second... I would not wish to travel faster at all.

I study the views on the banks of the world as I float by. I wawe and smile to others and invite some of them on board. We enjoy each others company. Some stay and others go.

Sometimes the stream rocks the boat in a soothing and comforting way. Sometimes we have to hold on for life or row to clear from rocks or banks.

But we move. We travel in time. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

tirsdag 27. november 2007

The WORD --- the most sacred of magic!

Take your time today to view this wonderful video, be inspired by the wisdom in the word and the beauty in the pictures. From ancient times the word, the power of voice and the art of eloquence has been a way to contact God within and without, and an evidence of our divinity.

Wake up and reach for your inner sun. Sing, speak and chant --- Be blessed---

(Thank you Eira!!)

søndag 25. november 2007


Close your eyes so you can see clearer
Lie down so you can rise.
Be alone so you can understand others.
Accept that you are a pupil, so that you can teach others.
See that you are small so you can expand.

tirsdag 20. november 2007

What do you know about me??

And what do your friends, family and co-workers know about you?? I have thought a lot about this lately, obviously my family are those who know least about me - to my surprise!

I have a female cousin my age, and we talked about this the other day - I was surprised to learn what kind of impression most members of my family have of me: Immature, lazy, impulsive and irresponsible!

It should not matter to me of course. But it does!! I was really heartbroken! How can I be irresponsible, ME, who work so hard to achieve my goals?

It seems THAT is exactly the problem! I should not chase my dreams, I should marry a norwegian farmer, settle for a 9-5 job, and raise 2,7 children, who will grow up to do exactly the same thing. I should SETTLE!

I am sorry, but for me that is not living, it is just surviving. It is not happiness, it is mediocricy.

What do you know about me? And why are you so eager to judge me? In the end it is not importand what your impression of me is. I will continue to pursue my goals - and I wish one day you'll do the same.