søndag 29. juli 2007

Love from hell - Spirituality and Sin.

Spirituality is for some reason viewed by christians as sin. I have talked to people several times who believe me to be from hell...
Why? Because I aknowledge my own wisdom, my own greatness and my own power. And that is just not right, is it?
You are supposed to be small, to be a sinful nothing, who are forgiven even though you don't deserve it. Well, if you want to be a nothing in this life... be my guest! We have our free will, that is our privilege.
But I intend to recognice myself as big, actually as HUGE.... And through me flows unlimited love and light... If you don't want to share it, and if you don't want to shine, it is up to you. Just close your eyes and pretend it's still dark. It is your desicion...
... Because You are GOD also.

lørdag 28. juli 2007

Who are You working for??

Who are you working for? Work for yourself. Who gets to enjoy the fruits of your talents - and are you working with what your talents really are?
Do you even know what your talents are?
Have you ever considered running your own business? You have all the ingredients needed. You have the drive and the discipline.
You have all the ingredients needed, so let's start cooking!! Do not have fear. Ask for help. You will recieve all the guidance needed, to make your dream come true.

Animal Heaven

( This post is dedicated to my beloved dog Pia - We'll meet again.)

There is a beautiful place somewhere... Somewhere out in the blue. You see it from afar like a castle of clouds, surrounded by green lush fields. There are creeks, there are flowers everywhere, there are trees and the sun is always shining.

When tou come closer you see the animals. They are everywhere, cats climb the trees, horses run in the fields, there are no fences, and no ropes here. In the creek you see jumping fish of all colours. All of them are healthy. All of them are HAPPY.

Suddenly you hear a familiar voice. A happy barking, that you could recognise anywhere! Your eyes well up with tears, your dog, your dearest companion, that left you so long ago.

Believe in this place. Believe in the Animal Heaven. All your pets are waiting for you there, and they will be reunited with you. Believe in it.

fredag 27. juli 2007

You are God also!

You just are. That makes you nothing. That makes you everything. Let go of your roleplaying. Just be.
Means love, inner peace and acceptance.
Is when you accept everything that occurs in your life, when you embrace it as opportunities to grow and learn.
Is accepting that everything you want and need, everything you seek, is already there, inside you.
Is seeing beyond the ordinary, and to climb as high as you can dream.

Your Healing Heart.

It is beating in your chest, the drum that gives you the pace of your incarnation, and the energy centre close to it is conducting your balance of giving and recieving.
Open it and let your healing love flow. Let it be like a river that flows from the universe, through your heart, out into your arms and fingertips, where it is yours to give, surround yourself with a atmosphere of love, health and harmony.
Help others around you . Retrieve balance in their chacras and energy layers. Just by sending your powerful love energy, you can heal them. It is not witchcraft, it is not magic, it is pure compassion, and recognition that your two souls are one.
Use your power. Believe in this: That you are willing makes you able. Use the energy of joy! Smile! And activate your healing heart.

Someone's following You

All of us have friends that we don't see. We have our guardian angels that follows us from the day we decide to incarnate. We have relatives that come by to see how we are doing.
Don't believe it? Try asking for help when you need it! Wait for the answer. Maybe it shows up as a practical solution, or someone felt a sudden urge to call you and give you an advice. Or someone gives you a newspaper and you find your answer on the front page. Maybe you recieve a vision in your dreams the next day. You are being helped!
All of us have a 24 hour free access help-line available, if we only know how to use it. This line is never busy. So just send out your question. And wait for the answer.
If you only knew, if you knew the love we have for you, how we rejoice when you succeed and with what compassion and understanding we surround you, you would never feel lonely, and never fear.

"Sparrow's Egg" ... on abortion

This happened when I was a child. I was playing in the forest with a boy of same age. After a while we found a sparrows nest in a tree. We stood under the nest looking up at it. We saw the birds close by, but they kept a distance as long as we stood there.

Then my friend decided he wanted to climb up to look into the nest. He did. He toughed the nest. Told me the eggs felt warm, he asked me: Do you want to see?

I did. He brought me the egg and I closed my hand very carefully around it. He was right. It was warm. "Take it back" I said and wanted to give him the egg. But instead he squeezed my hand. I cried out. I felt the egg crush in my hand.

I opened it and saw a tiny naked bird. It moved a little. and I could see it's hart beat beneath the pink skin. I cried and cried. In the end he took it and threw it in the creek.

I am not against abortion. But it's certainly nothing for me.

Sweet and Sour Sauce

A special friendship. How many times have you held my hand and looked into my eyes. How many times have you told me, with your warm and smiling voice - That of course can I trust you? And then, how many times did you break that promise? You hurt me just to comfort me, and then you hurt me again.
It is a suspicious way of trusting, it is a sad kind of love, but anyway we have shared so much and we have learned so much from each other. We had so much fun.
Our friendship has been beautiful - like figure skating - on very thin ice.
I need to leave you. Anyway I want to thank you. Good luck, I'm moving on.

Stupid, Lazy, or... just not into it?

That is her question, my wonderful "Rockarollawoman". She is in the dark. She can't get out of bed. She feels tired, she feels choked. tHERE IS NOTHING WRONG with her intelligence. She just can't make herself go to school ... Doesn't want to. Doesn't want to face the world. What is wrong?
Dear rockarollawoman, I think I have the answer, or at least a theory. You are NOT lazy. just depressed - and why?
I know this young girl very well, but we haven't been in touch much lately. She writes in her blog: "The thought of losing my friends terrifies me... but I watch them slowly drift away... because I am not able to get involved."
Rockarolla is a warm, creative and artistic young lady. But she's not using her talents, allowing them to grow. She is like a plant you have put in the basement. It turns pale.... if you don't remember to take it out again, it will die. Rockarolla needs sunshine and water, she needs emotions and attention!
Write and sing my girl, and let your genious show! I think there are probably thousands of youngsters like you around. Challenge them! It will give them courage also to face the more trivial parts of life.
This is Rockarollawoman:

torsdag 26. juli 2007

The Sky is the Limit

WHAT do you want to do with your life? Where do you want it to go? Please don't tell me you don't know. Of course you know. Everybody has a dream?
If money was no problem for you, or your age or your gender or culture, what would you do?
I say I hope you aim high. Don't stop yourself, don't think you can't do it. YOU CAN!! Anything! Any towers are built of stones. One stone and one more. Be patient and think of your goal, your masterpiece of a life.
You are too old? You are NOT! Initiate something that occupies your mind and lie close to your heart. It will keep you young.
It would be fun but it's nothing for a girl? WHO decides that? YOU DO. Exactly what YOU decide, is something for you. Stop saying you don't know, cause you're too talented not to!
Go for it! It is never too late to climb the ladder on your talents. Good luck!

Dare to be Creative - Dare to live!

(This picture is from: http://www.ingadalsegg.com/)
Unfortunately this world is not a safe place, though for some more than others. For a lot of people the normal life is about trying to get enough food, trying to keep warm or avoid getting caught, or getting killed.
Where I live it is not like this. Here peoples' problems are about being fat, not being loved and what they are going to watch on tv next week. Shallow, isn't it?
Well we can't help it. We were born into a rich family in a rich society, and to learn, we have to travel, in one way or another. If you can't jump on an airplane, there are other ways.
Get inspired. Use your senses. Explore. Read. Listen. . . .
And then express your feelings. Create. Then you take your life back. Just spending time walking back and forth between the TV and the refrigerator? I am very sorry, that is not living. That is just surviving.

Let Yourself Recieve.

A lot of us are givers. We take care of other people, comfort them, teach them, touch them. But how does it feel to recieve?
When you are tired, ask for rest. When you are confused, ask for guidance. If you feel lonely, ask for company. It is healthy. It is balance.
When you need someone to advice you, ask and you will both grow in the process. When you feel sad, seek to be comforted, and it will make both of you feel happy and worthy.
When you allow someone to give to you, you give them the gift of giving.
So always recieve, witout guilt, and without any apologies.

Where are you now, My unborn babies?

I believe the soul is eternal. I believe our home is on the other side of the veil, and that we visit the earth numerous times. Not just my soul. All human souls.

I hope to be a mother someday. Then my children must be out there somewhere. Waiting for me to get ready?

How are you, my wonderful ones? What are you doing? I guess you are preparing for this lifetime to come, the incarnation that I am lucky enough to be part of. What plans have you made? Have we met before? I am so much looking forward to meet you. I promise you I will let you be who you are. I promise that I will honour your choices.... And I promise you to help you grow in the best way I know.

I have the feeling our lifetime together, will NOT be boring! So Elias, Dina and Lily - Mummy loves you - hope to see you soon! Waiting eagerly for the wind of birth.

Freedom of speech?

Do you have freedom of speech? Do you think you have?

In Norway we have the freedom to say what we want.... about politics, society, the police... But do you give yourself freedom of speech? Do you allow your self to be honest?

Do you take the risk to be honest when you disagree with your boss?

Do you dare to say how you feel when you hear someone speak ill of your friends?

Do you announce your point of view when you know everyone in your family disagree?

Can you stand alone, strong and free?

Now - Do you have freedom of speech?

onsdag 25. juli 2007

Seven Storey Building

Number 0ne:
The red floor. Your contact with the earth. Your line to the ancestors. Your heritace. Your basic fysical needs. Food, Water and Sleep.
Number two.
The orange floor. Your contact with the body. Contact with other bodies. Creativity. Your desire to create, and to reproduce.
Number three:
The yellow floor. Your contact with your chosen path in this incarnation. Your gut feeling. Your need to grow and evolve.
Number four:
The green floor. Your contact with the souls you share this dimension with. Your need for partners, companions, friends. Your ability go give and recieve love.
Number five:
The blue floor. Your contact with the vibration of sound. Your voice. Your hearing. Your communication. This is also your singing, humming, chanting and ability to heal through sound.
Number six:
The purple floor. Your contact with your spiritual guides, whith ghosts and with your higher self. Your dreams. Your ability to communicate to the other dimensions.
Number seven:
The white floor. Your contact with the universe. The knowledge of oneness. The ultimate feeling of love and peace. You are ....
You are like a seven - storey building.
You are everything...
You are.

Open your Eyes... Face the truth!

When something hurts... how do you relate to it? Do you deal with it? When the ghosts in your life breathes in your neck, do you dare to turn around and face them?
You see, problems don't go away just because you prefer to wear a blindfold. You have to SEE them to be able to get rid of them. You have to admit it to yourself. That gives you power. That gives you the upper hand.
Deep inside you feel you are in deep shit. Something is really really wrong - concerning your work, your relationship or maybe your health? Face it! And then change it!
Most ghosts dissappear when you turn the light on.

Inga Dalsegg - a strong and naked artist!

Inga Dalsegg - Finally an artist that speaks to my heart, that is trigging my feelings and my thoughts. Her paintings ar raw, real, and amazingly beautiful. She does nothing half-way. Concerning passion and pain, Inga gives it all.
Her motif is naked bodies, but what she shows us is her naked soul. I strongly recommend a visit to her website:
Don't miss it!
She shows us the processes of her feelings and of her thoughts. She shows us how she has developed her own style. And she shows us something deep within ourselves.
We want more of you Inga! Can't wait to see what comes from her hand in the future.

tirsdag 24. juli 2007

"Old is Gold" - On male prostitution in Egypt

Business as usual. Took some time for me to notice it, but now I see it everywhere. Young men, even teenagers, hand in hand with chubby english ladies in their forties... and fifties.... and sixties...

Old is Gold. Isn't it just amazing who you can fall in love with, just if their wallet is fat enough? Well not that they are proud of it. It is not love that makes the boy blush as he walks in the streets with his grey-haired girlfriend. And his buddies are whistling from nearest corner: "heeeey!! Lucky Man!"

But of course the cellphone she buys him is great. And the clothes, jewellry, the car and the holidays! Not to mention the house she builds for him. And THEN he dumps her. And marries a cousin from the next village. My first thought was "My God!! Poor ladies, they are fooled and then left... What a hoax!"

But what astonished me after getting to know a few of these ladies is: They know it and they don't care. They buy a companion and a playmate in bed for a few years, and then she hands him over to the blushing teenage bride, fully trained and slightly used, and with presents worth a fortune.

I thought my ears would fall off when I spoke to A, 55 years old and married to a 24-year old. She told me, straight out, that she was after my man first. She said: I even tried to get him drunk. But the more he drank, the more he muttered along about his wife in Norway." Well thank God he kept his head on. You are not a very shy girl, are you???

I asked my husband how in hell those boys can keep doing that? And he looked at me and said; Well, old is gold my love..."

Well I'd rather be a broken tin can. Keep that kind of gold away from me.

mandag 23. juli 2007

The Day I rejected my Puppy

So, to remove all doubt ; We speak of a human puppy. A puppy that i found less than a year ago, and she suspected the had a soul - and she was looking for it. I loved her from the first moment.
We have worked together for a long time now. Both of us have grew, and both of us detected more and more of our inner life.
She called me her teacher, as I told her what I knew and what I experienced. We shared, discussed and quarreled. And she grew. One day I had nothing more to teach her. The sweet girl I got to know, was now my strong and shining equal. So it was time for me to let go, our pupil/ teacher relationship has ended.
We love each other and respect each other. Go further, my friend, climb the towers of a thousand doors, let the sky be the limit!
There are a lot more puppies to come. And one day very very soon, she will have her own puppy to pass her great wisdom on to.
Go girl! Light the fire!!

Be a Lighthouse!!

Be a lighthouse! What is a lighthouse? It is a person who is filled with love, so much that he or she can be a guidance and inspiration for others. It is a person who shine so brightly, that you can keep your eyes on the light through all storms.
What is a storm? A storm is emotions. It is dissappointment, anger, jealousy and hate. Can you see through it? And can you help others to steadily hold their course? Then you are a lighthouse. There are many of us. We never stand further from each other, than that our lightbeams cross. We form a grid of light that covers the earth. We form a grid of love.

søndag 22. juli 2007

Nurnberg Nights

She was a student. She was a journalist-to be. Very serious, very into what she was doing. She studied hard in the mid 1930's. She spendt endless hours in the university library, until one day she was not allowed to come anymore, and on her coat was a big yellow star.
She went underground. Stopped studying and started working. There was a lot to be done in the darkness of Germany in the early forties. Just once in a while could you see her, hiding in the shadows in a street, drinking the fresh air of Nurnberg at night.
But the World War was long. And the Reaper picked many flowers. But even if the flower dies, the seeds are carried with the wind and grows again elsewhere. She doesn't remember. But if you look hard enough, you can still catch a glimpse of Nurnberg in her eyes.

Read my hand, Linda Lou!

Picture: Linda and me, Ramla Village, Egypt 07
This is the story about how I met one of my very best friends, Linda. It is also a story about how heaven sends you a helping hand when needed.
It was the summer 2005. I was in the middle of a very, and I mean VERY hard breakup, that included harrassment and threats. As usual in Norwegian summer days, it was raining. And also as usual, I was driving down our valley. Then I saw something very unusual. A girl, hitch-hiking in the rain. The thing about her, that was so unusual, was : She was smiling. Even when it was very clear, that I was not going to pick her up.
So I passed, and then I thought: Now, THAT girl I am supposed to pick up! So I did. All she wanted was a ride for twenty minutes. She ended up living with me for a week. In this week she taught me to stop moaning and start living. She taught me how to maintain a body! And she told me that "You are all right, and I like you." Very simple, but just what I needed. And then she read my hand!
After this she came back to Norway in 2006, and then she visited me in Egypt in 2007. Lindas' road doesn't cross mine very often. Bur how great it is to know - just that she is there!
luv u Linda xxx ;)

The Real Egypt...

I Want to show you the real Egypt! This is my vision and my goal. If you never have been to Egypt, you have certain images. Pyramids, temples and maybe diving? Shopping in Cairo, Sailing in Luxor, driving over the Aswan High Dam, maybe a cruise on the Nile, or a camel ride in the desert. All of these are wonderful experiences, but still there is one thing we have not mentioned. Egypts' beating heart, the people.

So let me take you on a journey in your own imagination. Let us leave the Hilton and the Sheraton in central Luxor. Let us cross the river Nile. We are now in the villages of what was once ancient Thebes. Let us walk through the sugar cane fields. Welcome to Al Toot, To a village with a name that means raspberry!

We walk through a narrow street, curious children jump around you like squirrels, you just can't help but laugh. And then you see it. A beautiful house, an oriental dream, it is white with arches and balconies. It is not very big. And it feels like home. As the sun goes down arabian lamps are lit on the balconies. You decide to stay on the roof terrace for a few hours, with some other recidents. You enjoy healthy food and sweet egyptian tea.

As you watch the moon hanging over you, you feel you don't want to sleep... You don't want to miss this night. But Then it strikes you: This must be the perfect place for sweet dreams. The faint scent of incense follow you into your sleep.

Moving soon! Come visit !!

Beauty is Dignity.

What is beauty? In our society, beauty is an obsession. Beauty is body, face and hair, not to mention youth! But I believe that beauty is, more than anything else, Dignity and Pride.
If you know who you are, and are proud of it, other people will see you as beautiful.
If you know who you are, and proud of it, you will honour yourself and take care of your body.
You will radiate it. Other people will feel your attitude. Other people will like you, because you like you.
Everyone has reasons to hold their head up high. You always did your best didn't you? You have solved difficult challenges. Survived lots of hard times.
Walk with Dignity. Be proud.


Have you ever heard the greeting "Namasté" ?
It is about oneness. It is translated into something like:
"I honour the light in me. I see the light in you. We are one."
It is a philosophy filled with beauty. Not only are we connected to each other, but we are one. Be one with your partner, your family, your friends. Be one with your colleagues, your neighbours, your fellow bloggers.
What does this mean? It means respect. It means respect for all people, and the purpose that they fill. It means recognition. Which aspect of you does your annoying mother-in-law represent? Your need for control? Recognise it and release it.
Oneness also means you ARE nature, you are the animals, you are history, you are spirit, you are soul, you are the world! "You are.... you ARE!"
Oneness means a lifetime of peace. Are you ready for it?

Publishing poems...

Finally! I'm publishing poems! In Norwegian though. My book will be called "One hundred holes in the Ice", referring to the ice, the mental walls that we humans build around us for protection. Protection from each other and protection from ourself. My hope is, that each and every poem will melt a small hole in that ice, allowing a little feeling to flow through.
For those of you who read Norwegian, you can find my poems here:
And for those of you who don't, I have translated one, just a taste of he, ha ha:
My own Astrology.
I was
Born a Sagittarius
In the
year of the horse
That might
just be the reason
your Mind echoes
with galloping hooves
every time you are
in my Presence.

Transformation. Eating disorders and self-esteem.

What is eating disorders? We have a picture in our minds of a skinny teenage girl. The anorectic. This is what they fed us (haha) in school about it in the late eighties in Norway. I really hope the focus is about to change.

Do YOU have an eating disorder? Most people will answer "No".

But if I ask in a different way: How do you relate to food? No problem? Or does the very thought of food automaticly activate the answer "diet"??

Then a LOT of you have eating disorders. And a lot of your sons and daughters. A lot of your very small children even. I remember being 40 kilos at some point in primary school. I stayed in bed and cried for hours. We were four girls in my class. I was the heaviest. I had already lost.

MY WISH, when I have children, I hope they will relate to food in a relaxed and natural way. I hope they will eat when they are hungry and stop when they feel full. I hope dieting won't be a topic of discussion in our home. I hope, I hope.

The more you think about food, the more you'll eat.

lørdag 21. juli 2007

Childhood memories that hurts..

Most of us have a lot of memories from our childhood. Happy memories, beautiful pictures from the past. But not all memories are so joyful.
Do you have any memories that really hurts? Something you prefer not to think about?
I have two.
The first one is about my father. I was my fathers princess. He taught me a lot and shared everything with me... Took me places. One day he made fun of me. It took me a while to understand what he did... Then I raged. I was just so dissapointed and angry.
The second memory i want to share with you is somewhat more serious. I think I was five years old. I was certainly not in school yet. Our nearest neighbour had three sons, all of them older than me. We were in a friends' playhouse in the garden. First they were sort of playing doctor with my friend, we were same age. Taking her trousers off , looking down her panties et cetera. I remember she giggled.
Then it was my turn.
The two younger ones held my arms and legs. The eldest one sat between my legs. Then it happened. What I don't want to remember. I think I screamed. And I remember bleeding in the toilet after. I was so scared.
Still, almost 25 years later, I remember. I see him once in a while. I think about it every time. A childs' wounds heals very slowly sometimes.