tirsdag 29. januar 2008

Blogs they are a-changin

And so is mine. Until now Bedouin Staircase has been a collection of inspirational texts. The last couple of months my blogging here has been really slow. That usually means it is time for change.
From now BS will take on more of a "Letter/ diary"- form. It will be less perfect, more personal, more alive I guess.
Confession-time: Who am I? I am Norwegian, working to move to Egypt, as my husband lives there. That leaves me on the middle of a bridge between cultures, continents and religion ... as if the gap between the sexes was not enough.
I am between jobs. I am establishing my own company, and while waiting to get started, I work with whatever I can get, bartending, cooking, teaching, writing. I am a passionate blogger. I am a compulsive eater - struggling to get well from that.
When in Norway, I live with my parents, who are very different from me. We have great difficulties understanding each other... My refuge is my cousin's house, he runs a camp site close-by. We like to have a glass of wine and a walk in the cool norwegian air.
I like to read. Today I finished one of the best books I have ever read and find myself in some kind of limbo, not knowing what to do.
Call my husband?
He didn't answer.
Hope you will like my blog as I take my mask off - honestly.

søndag 20. januar 2008

Art is everywhere

What do you see every day, that others may view as artwork? A lot, I think... Anything can be art, situations, decorations as here, facial expressions, animals, everyday objects...
A lot of us take the world around us for granted. But your everyday world can be exotic for bloggers around the world.
This photo is from the front of a motorboat that crosses the Nile near Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt. I cross with one of these boats almost every day when in Egypt, as I live on the opposite bank of the city centre. All the boats are richly decorated with humorous paintings and good wishes.
Here is a challenge for all of you --- post a picture of something that you see everyday, that you would like to show other bloggers from all around the blogosphere.

onsdag 2. januar 2008

The vikings are back!

New movement in Norway. The vikings are back!!
Through the last years there has been a growing interest for the old vikings. Everything is coming back, bit by bit, brought by committed people who are eager to learn from the ancestors.
They try to make everything authentic: The houses, the vessels, clothes, jewellry, tools, handcraft, food and beverage, not to mention the viking weapons and games, ceremonies and rituals.
But life is more easy for modern vikings. There is less pain and much more fun for us. This christmas I met my Viking Family for the first time, for the Christmas offerings. And in these sturdy persons I found wonderful spiritual personalities. A new door opened for me and I am so thankful that my friend Annhja brought me there.
Picture: The handsome Eldar, always working with his hands !

tirsdag 1. januar 2008

Something new for the new year

I have stopped making New Years resolutions a long time ago --- it is just not my thing I guess, I am already working out, already dieting and already environmentally concious. So this new year I have decided to , instead of changing habits, learning something new. Topic for the next six months?
i have bought the books already and have read some during christmas, soon I am ready to draw my first horoscope - my own of course.
Isn't that a great idea for presents by the way? A framed hand-drawn horoscope, and a book with the hand-written interpretation? I know that was something to make ME very happy! Well, we'll see how much work it is :)
Happy new year to all! Any of you promised yourself anything regarding the new year? January is often seen as the slim month. Eat less, exercise more and so on--- but do not forget to be good to yourself and the people around you.
Do not forget to celebrate life.
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