lørdag 16. februar 2008

The Devil in Me

You love my halo and you love my wings
You love me for all of those sweet little things
But you have to know that I also do fail
If you really like me - love also my tail
If you really love me - then see my obsession
If you really want me - accept my posession
Your blood and your heart is what I want to eat
You have the force that I need to defeat
So please, come on in, let us have a fresh start
For twenty-five minutes- till death do us part.

fredag 15. februar 2008

Killer Whale

I found the perfect way of exercising for me. Swimming! I can keep up and I can compete. A wonderful thing that I don't have to carry my own body weight.
Me and one of my friends have been swimming twice a week lately and yesterday we swam 1,5 kilometres! I think we are allowed to be proud of ourselves...
Thank God we have a indoor heated swimmingpool in the nearest town. Or else we would have to break through the ice to get to the water.
It is a great feeling to take care of one's own body.I am somethings doing great at it, and sometimes I am lousy. But what i DO know is that when I stay in and over-eat, it is because I am depressed, and this behaviour drags me further down. What I really need is to keep my routine on this. So now I will focus on this for a while, make sure that I move my body sufficiently and eat food that makes me feel good, not stuffed and heavy.
So maybe the orca will turn into a slim dolphin real soon :)

torsdag 7. februar 2008

9 to 5

New job. Four days a week, at a eatery. Cooking, waiting, cleaning, dishes, aaaaaahh!
It is a typical sagittarius thing - we totally deal with a routine job, we'll do ANYTHING, as long as it finances our next great idea, in my case establishing a small travel company and arrange trips to Egypt.
Everything in the Land of The Sun is ready. What takes time, and costs money, is the paperwork in Norway. And - still a sagittarius girl - I hate that! It feels like restriction and control. But I will do what I have to.
Don't get me wrong, I like my job. It is a social thing. The thing one learn most from, is other people, and that means ALL people, i don't just talk about teachers, parents, not just the old ones, the well educated or successful. But from children, the sick, the housewives, drug-addicts, anyone.
When you regard anyone life presents for you as an opportunity to learn, you will evolve very fast as a human being. You will become very compassionate, as you know how to identify with anyone and understand their situation.
There are all kinds of people and professions represented among the readers of my blogs. Some of them study, others work, some stay at home. Remember that whatever you do you are useful and unique. Remember that to me you are a teacher. And remember to stay "Always Open", so you don't miss out on the opportunities life presents for you.
Have a nice day all of you!