torsdag 30. august 2007

Egyptian Afterglow

It is raining in my heart. My sixth journey to Egypt came to an end. It is horrible to leave. I was hit by nausea and breathing problems in the airport. I nearly asked the driver to turn around.

To leave the one you love always feel bad I guess. Trouble is, I don't know if I see him again after four weeks - or after ten?

I will try to look at the bright side. I have made excellent preparations for when I'm moving down to live there. I know I am safe now. I know it is going to happen.

The dream is coming true, I am going to live with my love in the middle of what was once ancient Thebes..

It is worth it. It s worth the struggle and the trouble. And I hope one day all of you will join me in watching the sun going down over the Theban hills, while you are having tea on my roof terrace.

fredag 17. august 2007

Nadiyya is ... Going home!!!

Nadiyya is going home. Home to where the prayers call is waking her up 4 o'clock in the morning. She will turn around in the bed and sleep some more, knowing that Allah will look after her as well.
She is going home to a city of wonders, where she is walking the streets between donkeys and horse-carriages, and where the kids go to school on camel-back.
Every day the sun smiles over Egypt's blue sky. Every day the Nile splits the desert in two.
...Nadiyya is putting her heart back where it belongs....
See ya!
(will blog occasionally from internet cafes the following two weeks :)

torsdag 16. august 2007

Golden Triangle - Sexuality

How much have you explored your sexuality? I have had a threesome - once... Was not really planning to do that, but anyway, this is the story about how I stumbled into that situation. I had just moved out from my ex-boyfriend, and was lucky enough to have Josie around. A crazy and friendly girl who welcomed me into her home and took care of me.

After two weeks of moaning and whining Josie decided it was about time I had some fun. So we went to a city about two hours drive from where we lived. I was not very keen on the idea, but she gave me enough wine to change my mind...

On the way I sent a message to the only person I knew in that city; my ex boyfriend's baby sister, if she wanted to meet me? She texted me back; "Ok, if you'll join me and my boyfriend in a threesome"? I said yes, was sure that she was joking! She was not.

So after visiting a bar or two we ended up in a hotel bed together. Linda, Billy and me. Let's just say it was a VERY hot night, and I was blushing in the hotel lobby the next morning. Then I took a deep breath and hummed; "How bad can it be - It's just sexuality...?"

Childhood Memories that Hurts 2

Not all memories from our childhood are happy. That does not mean that we need to forget them. But we need to take another look at them - to release all the pain, sorrow and guilt that we have stored there.
Do you remember how evil choldren can be towards each other? I do. I remember how it was to be the "scapegoat" on a small school with only 30 pupils. It was not exactly fun...
I will give you one example. The other kids hid their own things in my bag, and then they told the teacher; My new pen is gone. I think Nadiyya stole it. Have a look in her bag."
Even today I have a feeling of guilt if someone says they lost something. I think they are about to accuse me of stealing it. Fabulous, or what?
All of us have scars like that. Dig up your memories. Look at them, bless them, and release them! Let go of the bad thoughts you have about yourself - the ones that others put there many years ago. It is time to set yourself free!!!

onsdag 15. august 2007

The one who plays with the Wolf...

Why... are many of us womes so self-destructive? When we meet a man that obviously will do nothing but break our heart - what do we do? Shrug our shoulders and turn our backs? Oh no. We place a bait. We want the beast to find us and then to fall into our trap.
Little red Riding hood thinks, that if she shows the black wolf that she trusts him - then HE will trust HER too... maybe confide in her... And then she can help him get rid of his darkness, and become the happy loving pet she is sure he truly is.
Well, mark my words. He may lick your hand - but he will never wag his tail.
The one who plays with the wolf - must prepare to be eaten in the end.

...And then he went back home...

I once went to a clairvoyant healer... During our session she suddenly said: We are not alone here, you have a brother who follows you, he is tall and blonde with curly hair...
And I said: That's right, I have a brother, he is 22, tall and blonde.
She laughed... Not him, you have a brother who was supposed to be born two years after him. His name is Elias. But he is with you, close to you. He watces over you. He grew up in heaven or, as we say, the other side... He is really radiant. Loving soul. You are lucky, she said.

I asked my mum. Her face was really funny... We had a match; She had an abortion two years after my brother was born. He was concieved... And then he went back home. Changed his mind. Was not ready.

Two years later I visited a second clairvoyant. She is channeling. She said: You have a brother who is watching over you. And he allows me to tell you a secret; He will come back to the earth - as your son.

Wonderful news! Welcome back Elias - I love you already.

tirsdag 14. august 2007

The Pranic Diet!

Take a deep breath...

What is prana? Prana is the universal energy, sheer life force, the layer of love that covers our planet.

Pranic energy is what makes our bodies and minds balanced. It is found in nature, in forests and oceans, It is found in healthy food, in a loving relationship, and in exercise.

A few tips for more prana and happier days:

1 Eat one fruit or vegetable. Or five! But one is much better than none - your body loves organic food.

2: Keep in touch with nature! take a walk in the forest or on the beach. Not possible? Then use your park. Not possible? Then talk to your plants.

3: Give your loved ones compliments. Fill them with positive energy and it will flow back to you. Lonely? Smile to someone. Pet a dog.

4: Move! Moving your body, sweating and exercising lets negativity out of your body.

5: Look for beauty! There is beauty in all things. When you can see it everywhere, you will become more beautiful, happy and confident.

Do this every day and I promise your life will be a lot happier :)

søndag 12. august 2007

Baghdad Burning!

Do you remember Riverbend? She is living in the war, and she is writing it! Girl blogging from inside Baghdad. All of us know about the war in Iraq, We hear about it every week - in periods every day.
But what do we know about it? Well we have seen some pictures... We have read a some facts. But what do we really know?? What do we know compared to Riverbend - who sees the occupation of her country, her city, her home and her life 24/7 ?
I read her blog from the book. Now I stop by her site regularly. The latest post is old. Who knows what River is doing today... hopefully she's just having computer problems...
What do I know about the war? What do I know about fear? What do I know about freedom?
I learned something new from Riverbend's blog; That I know very very little...!

lørdag 11. august 2007

The Description of Egypt

Who hasn't heard about Egypt? Who hasn't seen pictures of the magnificent temples and pyramids? And the beaches and diving resorts by the Red Sea? And all of this is truly amazing. But Egypt is so much more!

I came to Egypt first time in 2005 with the pharaos in mind. I was going to stay there for three months. Seeing the most important tourist sites took two weeks. And there I was. I had not yet discovered the heart of this strange country.

I found that Egypt is also the desert. An ocean of barren isolation. To fall to sleep in the sand, counting shooting stars, was for me an amazing experience.

Egypt is The Nile. The eternal flow of water from the heart of Africa. The lifeline of this country from ancient times until today. Still birds and animals cool down and drink on the banks of this river - The mother of all egyptians.

Egypt is The people too. You are surrounded by openness and friendliness. I had to put all prejudices aside. This people opened their hearts and homes to me, and welcomed me as one of their own.

Now, Egypt is my life. It is my home. The people there are my family. And I can't wait to stay there full time!

Come visit!

DO you remember your dreams?

Do you remember what you dream at night?
Are you one of us who think we don't dream at all? The trick is : focus on it! Make it important, make it a matter of discussion; what did I dream, and what does this mean?
Keep a notebook by your bed. A s a writer, I almost fall asleep with the pen in my hand, so that part is easy. And then...
Wake up before you really have to! If you are in a hurry to jump out of bed and rush to work, your dreams won't stick!
Let us try an experiment! Let us ask a question tonight; let us ask a question and see what our dreams will answer!! It won't hurt, will it?
Visit the Dream Factory:

tirsdag 7. august 2007

Extremely obese...

I myself have been struggling with weight problems all my life. This is why I get very curious when I hear about TV-shows like the ones we have seen lately... Fat Camp, extremely obese et cetera.
Why, and how, do people get that fat? How did I become fat? Of course the answer to that question is very obvious: I ate too much and did not move enough. But then - Why??
When I was a kid, I was much more of a thinker than a doer, I was always asking questions like why - and how, how does it work, what is that for. So that is why my father taught me how to read when I was four.
I wanted challenges for my mind - not for the body. The other kids were out chasing each other, playing ball and climbing trees - for me this was unbelievably boring. So I was reading, reading, reading.
The real problem started when I was around ten. I was to a healthcare check and the nurse said: Better look out for that girl, she is a little heavy for her age! I cried myself to sleep that night.
My parents then started to control my eating, and to comment on eating behaviour, body proportions and lack of exercise. I was still a child - and I panicked.
I started to feel bad about myself. Reading was bad - and that was what I loved doing. So I started to hide. Take my book and hide somewhere to read - in the garden, in the bathroom or with relatives. eating was bad too - so I got really fucked - up feelings towards it. I started to hide food and by twelve I was a compulsive eater.
Well to make a long story short - it all went all right, I went into selfrealization and spirituality when I was 25 and got rid of my problems.
But that is what I think when I see these programmes: "It might as well have been me..." I know what it is to loose control.
For those of you who have children: Please teach them about health and healthy living! But don't comment on their bodies and don't deny them to be who they truly are! The consequenses can be fatal.

7 random facts... about me!

I was tagged by Lauren (Backseat Betty blog) - and finally I get around to do this! Kisses to Lauren...
1. I want many children! Three as a minimum and five at the most. As I push 29 and still have none, I have to hurry? ... Luckily I am the aunt of five beautiful girls.
2. Young boys are my weakness! Yes it is true, I adore teenage boys - not as sexual partners - I mean as friends and conversation partners, They are open and curious. :) By the way - my husband is nineteen. That leads me to:
3. I am a holist married to a muslim. Do I need to comment any further? Let's just say: It's interresting!!
4. My car is called : Conan the Barbarian and is a 1988 Subary justy 4wd! Tiny but strong! Happy nineteenth birthday, Conan!!
5. I feel strongly about The Children of the World. As I am moving to Luxor, Egypt, I am happy and proud to be able to help orphans and disabled children through
6. "I believe I can fly..." I believe I have a contact with my dear ones who have passed away, my unborn children and my spiritual guises. I believe that WE ARE... We are God also! I am a very spiritual person.
7. I am a poet! I have now written more than 100 poems - in norwegian, that is - and hope to publish a book during this fall. It is maybe to be called "Guillotine - You are standing in the shadow of a lady"
Thanks for tagging Lauren! And hereby I tag:
Hedoorientia - from Orientia in Saudi
Rockarollawoman - from Baklengs verden
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Kess from Rants and Musings
Jozee from straw Houses
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Good luck folks, Enjoy!!

mandag 6. august 2007

To loose a Soulmate... (To find oneself...)

A lot of our friends said we were like "One person"... And we were! We were like you!
When we met my world turned upside down. It started rotating in your direction. Even before I knew your name you made my heart beat faster every time I saw you on the street. When someone finally told me, I kept your name in my heart. First time you spoke to me, I thought it had to be some kind of misunderstanding.
You invited me to your place, and I came, filled with awe. We had everything in common, and destiny had finally brought us together. I was the only one who understood you. I was the chosen one.
This was sacred.
I shared your bed at night, and didn't sleep. I spent the night watching you, and listening to the sound of your breath.
One year was the exact time. Then I did what you did not want me to. I followed my heart. My young God changed into demon and the curses rained upon me.
Then the search started. Who was I - without you? What was my life without your visions? What was MY thoughts and opinions when I threw off yours?
The result is maybe not so spectacular. But it is real, it is mine!
It is me.

lørdag 4. august 2007


What is meditation? Meditation is stillness. It is quietness. Are you able to sit in a room for one hour - with no music on, no TV or radio? Light a candle. Sit in a chair. Stay there. Stop moving your legs. Stop playing with your fingers. Are you able to stay still?

Close your eyes. Breathe. Breathe deep. What does your mind do then? It starts to churn about all your worries. Relax. Breathe. Breathe deep.

With every breath, you let your worries out of your body. Empty your mind. Let all those thoughts gently go.


Sink into your body.


Then rise above it.


What do you hear?



What do you hear?


A whisper from God and a song from your soul.

fredag 3. august 2007

Hold my Body - Free My Soul!

Let us talk about sexual Healing. I believe that for twy physical bodies to exchange eneries like this is very healthy. No doubt it is natural - without sex there would be very few of us here in a very short time, but I think it is more healthy than we think - and in other ways.
First aspect is the physical exhaustion. Everyone knows how healthy THAT is! Then it is the meeting of two persons. The communication. The composition. It is the effort to please someone else. It is the pleasure of being touched.
And it is the emotions.
I think that a healthy partner relationship and a balanced sexlife makes us a lot happier and healthier. So give and recieve - today!

torsdag 2. august 2007

Let your Dreams Speak!

Do you remember what you dream at night? Do you think it means anything? Why is your mind rolling these movies in your big inner theatre?

You dream that you are seated on the floor with a big Jigsaw-puzzle in front of you. You are getting more and more frustrated. In a rage you call your boss, accusing him of stealing pieces. He says to you: "But the pieces are here, you left them on your desk".

What does this mean? Suggestion: You are trying to "Put your life together" You have some work-related problems thate you blame your boss for. But somehow it seems YOU made these problems, you have just forgotten. When you understand WHY you have certain problems, you are also able to fix it, and this is why noticing and interpreting dreams is so useful.
I believe that dreams are communication with your subconcious, your higher self, and even the spirits surrounding you. And I believe that every dream you understand, leads you closer to your true self and your highest potentials.
If you have had a dream you need help with, please send me an e-mail or visit my Dream factory!
Your dreams are a staircase to your highest potentials ;)

Naked in hijab

Never so naked
Never so volunerable
As when I face you
As I stand before you
Naked in hijab.

onsdag 1. august 2007

For a Reason, for a Season, or for a Lifetime.

Has it ever occured to you the different natures of your friendships? If you are lucky, you have a few friends that you have known from birth. Maybe you have siblings and cousins that also are your friends, or the girl next door, or the boy from kindergarden.
Have you thought about why your friends are there?
Some friends happen to enter your life just in the right time. Exactly when you need help and are struggelig with something... The right person appears, stands by you and supports you - and then disappears from your life again after.
Other friends are there for a season - Like maybe a colleague you could talk to about anything, but after you got a new job, you just didn't manage to keep in touch.
And then there are friends that are there for a lifetime. These are your true soulmates, the ones you feel safe and natural with, even after years apart from each other. I am lucky to have a few of these... and I thank God for the blessings that they truly are.
Remember to keep in touch with your friends! Send them a message or a postcard once in a while. They deserve it, and so do you.
( Picture: Linda Sloan. Linda and me in Deir-el-medina 2007)

Young boys are my Weakness

"Young boys are my weakness - I just like their sweetness..." This is a song by Kate Cebrano. A wonderful song that suits me perfectly. Young boys are my weakness - and so I married one. A wonderful young , sweet and loving man. Time runs fast and he is not a boy anymore, but he still has a lot of that sweetness in him.
It was wonderful to meet a man with such an open heart. A man that the world had not yet hardened. A man who was not afraid to pour out his feelings for me in words and in action. That has made our love especially warm. That has made our relationship extra strong.
To my beloved Ahmed : Thank you for being you that wants to be with me :) Hugs and kisses from your wife.