torsdag 7. februar 2008

9 to 5

New job. Four days a week, at a eatery. Cooking, waiting, cleaning, dishes, aaaaaahh!
It is a typical sagittarius thing - we totally deal with a routine job, we'll do ANYTHING, as long as it finances our next great idea, in my case establishing a small travel company and arrange trips to Egypt.
Everything in the Land of The Sun is ready. What takes time, and costs money, is the paperwork in Norway. And - still a sagittarius girl - I hate that! It feels like restriction and control. But I will do what I have to.
Don't get me wrong, I like my job. It is a social thing. The thing one learn most from, is other people, and that means ALL people, i don't just talk about teachers, parents, not just the old ones, the well educated or successful. But from children, the sick, the housewives, drug-addicts, anyone.
When you regard anyone life presents for you as an opportunity to learn, you will evolve very fast as a human being. You will become very compassionate, as you know how to identify with anyone and understand their situation.
There are all kinds of people and professions represented among the readers of my blogs. Some of them study, others work, some stay at home. Remember that whatever you do you are useful and unique. Remember that to me you are a teacher. And remember to stay "Always Open", so you don't miss out on the opportunities life presents for you.
Have a nice day all of you!

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Azrael sa...

Hey Nadiyya, best of luck with your company


Ineshka sa...

What a wonderful post! :) You speak the truth Nadiyya, we have so much to learn from each and every person we meet, it maybe something about ourself, or it maybe something about life... Whatever it is, it does lighten up your understanding and compassion if you are willing to accept it... :)

I hope that you enjoy this eatery while it lasts, and I hope that your hope for your travel agency becomes a reality quite soon!

Thanks for beinga teacher to me :)

Nadiyya sa...

azrael, thanks, will keep you updated!

ineshka! even bloggers, we learn a lot from. we may agree, or disagree, true learning comes from evaluating the information we recieve.

Lady divine sa...

All the best to you..
nothing comes easy in life..and you sounds like a real hard worker.

Check out my latest post.. I've dedicated it for you. remember you asked me to post a picture of something i see everyday? I did it..

eastcoastdweller sa...

I'm a Sagit. too. That would explain a lot.