tirsdag 29. januar 2008

Blogs they are a-changin

And so is mine. Until now Bedouin Staircase has been a collection of inspirational texts. The last couple of months my blogging here has been really slow. That usually means it is time for change.
From now BS will take on more of a "Letter/ diary"- form. It will be less perfect, more personal, more alive I guess.
Confession-time: Who am I? I am Norwegian, working to move to Egypt, as my husband lives there. That leaves me on the middle of a bridge between cultures, continents and religion ... as if the gap between the sexes was not enough.
I am between jobs. I am establishing my own company, and while waiting to get started, I work with whatever I can get, bartending, cooking, teaching, writing. I am a passionate blogger. I am a compulsive eater - struggling to get well from that.
When in Norway, I live with my parents, who are very different from me. We have great difficulties understanding each other... My refuge is my cousin's house, he runs a camp site close-by. We like to have a glass of wine and a walk in the cool norwegian air.
I like to read. Today I finished one of the best books I have ever read and find myself in some kind of limbo, not knowing what to do.
Call my husband?
He didn't answer.
Hope you will like my blog as I take my mask off - honestly.

4 kommentarer:

Mary Poppins sa...

Awesome...like the new look!

Anonym sa...

I haven't been to your blog in a long time - I love the new look and idea. I'm finally back online and will be updating my blog as much as possible. I've missed your writings and your insight. Let's get back to sharing with each other!


Nadiyya sa...

Mary and lauren, thanks both of you... Yes Lauren, let's spend some quality time together, I missed you too :)

Azrael sa...

Hey Nadiyya, like the new look. I know what you mean by things going a bit slow these days :D