tirsdag 1. januar 2008

Something new for the new year

I have stopped making New Years resolutions a long time ago --- it is just not my thing I guess, I am already working out, already dieting and already environmentally concious. So this new year I have decided to , instead of changing habits, learning something new. Topic for the next six months?
i have bought the books already and have read some during christmas, soon I am ready to draw my first horoscope - my own of course.
Isn't that a great idea for presents by the way? A framed hand-drawn horoscope, and a book with the hand-written interpretation? I know that was something to make ME very happy! Well, we'll see how much work it is :)
Happy new year to all! Any of you promised yourself anything regarding the new year? January is often seen as the slim month. Eat less, exercise more and so on--- but do not forget to be good to yourself and the people around you.
Do not forget to celebrate life.
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3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Celebrating life every day... even blessing my curses:)

Ineshka sa...

Happy happy new year to you too!! :)) When you read your books and is ready to give out horoscopes, do let me know, I am definitely interested :)

I hope this year brings you more joy, love, health and wealth!! :) May you be happy always and remain an insipiration to many! :)

Nadiyya sa...

Thank you Ineshka for those wonderful new year wishes! Yes I will tell you when i have finished studying --- or when I have drawn a few horoscopes ;)