fredag 15. februar 2008

Killer Whale

I found the perfect way of exercising for me. Swimming! I can keep up and I can compete. A wonderful thing that I don't have to carry my own body weight.
Me and one of my friends have been swimming twice a week lately and yesterday we swam 1,5 kilometres! I think we are allowed to be proud of ourselves...
Thank God we have a indoor heated swimmingpool in the nearest town. Or else we would have to break through the ice to get to the water.
It is a great feeling to take care of one's own body.I am somethings doing great at it, and sometimes I am lousy. But what i DO know is that when I stay in and over-eat, it is because I am depressed, and this behaviour drags me further down. What I really need is to keep my routine on this. So now I will focus on this for a while, make sure that I move my body sufficiently and eat food that makes me feel good, not stuffed and heavy.
So maybe the orca will turn into a slim dolphin real soon :)

2 kommentarer:

Ineshka sa...

Here's wishing that you do, although there is nothing wrong with the Orca :) btw, I love swimming too! :)

eastcoastdweller sa...

Swimming is a pleasure -- I love it when I get the chance. I'm glad that You are feeling good about Yourself, and taking care of Your body, as it houses the soul of a Goddess.