søndag 25. november 2007


Close your eyes so you can see clearer
Lie down so you can rise.
Be alone so you can understand others.
Accept that you are a pupil, so that you can teach others.
See that you are small so you can expand.

6 kommentarer:

eiramy sa...

Just what I am trying to do;)

nadi sa...

Thanks -- you are doing well!!

Lady divine sa...

At some point, I think we all do....
So how have you been??? It's good to see you blogging again... hope your husband is good too..:-)

Love and hugs..:-)

Azrael sa...


Good to hear from you again

Take care

Ineshka sa...

What a magnificant thing to say... It is quite true! :)

Purnima sa...

Really true thought :)