lørdag 1. desember 2007

My name is independence

(Thank you Azrael for the idea for this post...)
I always had cats. I got my first one when I was four, at the same time I got a baby brother --- so I had something to be busy with, and I WAS busy. poor Martin was dressed up in babys clothes and carried around, always patient.
After this I have had a few cats. Tertit and Siri when I was a student. Sirianna and Tutti when I was a chef's apprentice. Frida, Frank and Marley when I was living with a freind two years ago.
My cat is my best friend. He is there not because I command him to but because he appreciates me. He is independent. He is wise, He teaches me trancendental medidation. He is divine. He reminds me that I am divine.
Marley on the picture says: "Put that stupid camera away and cuddle me!!"

3 kommentarer:

Lady divine sa...

looks very mischevious, naughty and playful...:-)

Azrael sa...

Your welcome Nadiyya :D

Oh man he looks sooo cute and cuddly

I would love to have a full black cat, but as luck would have it, I get multi-colored ones he he :)

nadiyya sa...

ld, he IS!!!!

azrael, BY CHANCE, most of my cat have been full black, and that is a strange thing, because I always adobt the last kitten, the one no-one want ;)