søndag 28. oktober 2007


Heimweh, it means longing for home. And that I do. I long for my beautiful new homeland Egypt. It is not always easy or nice to be far from everything and everyone you love.

I have now been on this trawler for almost five weeks, and on friday I go back to Norway. I was supposed to go directly to Egypt, but now I learned that I don't get paid for this trip until after christmas. So nothing to do but staying in Norway, work, work, work.

We are soon there, my husband and I. When we met three years ago, none of us owned anything --- now we have a place to live and a car, the one thing we need now is something to make an income from for both of us to stay full time in Egypt.

But it will come! We have come so far, so we'll hang in there and make it for ourselves, a safe and good life for our selves and our future family...

"Wahistini moot, habibi...!"

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I wish you the best of luck getting to where you want to be in life! :)

I have Heimweh for Germany. . . it feels like it's been forever since I've been. I wish my partner was as well-traveled and excited to embark on journeys as I am. I miss my home. Travel for me and take me with you on your memories!


Lady divine sa...

Wish you all the very best!!!
Hope everything works out really well..

nadiyya sa...

Lauren, I will I promise...!

Thank you Lady D for your kind words ;)

eiramy sa...

Sooon, you will be there:)
And tha plans for the future is forming as well...

Im so happy I got to know you:)And looking forward to meet you family down there in your homeland..and a little mine as well I feel:):)

Ineshka sa...

Wish you all the very best in getting everything you want for your future! :) I believe that people who tirelessly work towards getting what they want in life, like you and your husband will most definitely get it! :))

eastcoastdweller sa...

Heimweh ... the word is new for me but not the feeling. It is hard to be here on the east coast when my family is on the west coast.

And since I was the son of a military man, I have lived in, and loved, so many places.

May You soon return to Your beloved Egypt, sweet Nadiyya!