lørdag 20. oktober 2007

Incarnation - Karnak



2005. Alone in a taxi to Karnak. I didn't understand why myself, alone to Karnak? Been there before. This was fourth time. Was I really so bored that I had to go there again? To a sight I had seen, already twice as many times as Vigelandsparken, the sculpturepark back home in Norway.

But never before alone. Always as a part of a group of tourists, who followed the guide much like a flock of ducklings behind mothers tail. I found Karnak temple strangely empty. I stood alone in front of the first pylon between the royal criosphinxes, og and the emotions came flowing like a giant wave.

I gasped for breath and the lump in my troath dissolved into tears. The river from my eyes were seemingly endless as the Nile. An old man came walking towards me in the hypostyle hall. I didn't want to see him, wanted to be alone, but he said, "Excuse me, lady, I just want to pray?" He placed my right hand over his heart,and now both of us were crying.

He bowed respectfully and left me.


Thousands of years earlier. Karnak is my home and my work. Karnak is my life. Both sunrise and sunset belongs to the mighty Amun, and we are priviliged who are chosen to serve Him on this Most Glorious of Places, Amuns Home on Earth. I am a craftsman, and so are my brothers. We have given our lives to Karnak, praise to Amun-

Pharao is dead. Yhe young king calls himself Son of the Sun. It is smoke, ruins and revolution. We are denied to serve Amun. Don't they understand that denying Amun is to deny life? Why would we want to live a few short years in i falseness just to be devoured by Ammut, doomed because our heart would be too heavy for Maat.

We are bringing Amun with us, hiding from the chaos. We will serve him in secret. Just the youngest of us, the architect, was not able to leave his works. My eyes are dry, my soul is a dead desert. But my brothers say; if you ever lay your eyes on Karnak again, your tears will flow..., because the home of your soul has been ruined by vandals.

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Ineshka sa...

Very nice! :) Reminded me of Wilbur Smith's 'Sunbird' :) WOW! :)

Nadiyya sa...

Wow, some compliment!! I read "Taita" by W.S a few years ago but I haven't heard about "Sunbird", can you tell me a little about it Ineshka?

Lady divine sa...

Amazing...you had all of my attention there...:-)

Nadiyya sa...

Thanx...! practise makes perfect..!

Ineshka sa...

Hi Nadiyya, the story of "Sunbird" starts with a group of people who go on an excavation in a tomb of a pharoah... I can't remember exactly the storyline (read it about 9 years ago) and these events happen to them and then right at the climax of the story they go back to the time of the pharoah when those people themselves were living during that time. And then that story continues.. It was beautiful, I was very moved by that book although I wasn't a fan of W.S :) Was Taita coming in RiverGod?

eiramy sa...

Love this story Naddiya!

And got a book tip with it, by reading it in here:)

Nadiyya sa...

Actually you got TWO book tips... All Egypt books by Wilbur Smith are spectacular ;)