mandag 22. oktober 2007

Morning prayer

Thank you for universal love and light
that flows into me and through me
this day.
Let me be a blessing to the people I meet on my path.
Let my heart be open,
so that I can touch the hearts of others.
Let me be in touch with
the streams of my subconcious,
And the spheres of my higher self.
Today is a day where I will be ONE
with the waters of my emotions,
the wind of inspiration,
The fire of devotion and
My heritage from earth.
Thank you for this day of oneness.
For like all of us are raindrops
that reflect different colours in the raibow,
We are also all part
of the ONE mighty ocean.

5 kommentarer:

Azrael sa...

This is great Nadiyya, Loved it :)

Lady divine sa...

I love your writing... puts me at ease sometimes...and feels good to connect with your thoughts...

love, hugs & kisses!

Ineshka sa...

WOW!.. Beautiful! :)

Purnima sa...

Lovely poem..

Nadiyya sa...

Thanks for the good comments and welcome to my blog purnima :)