søndag 23. september 2007

My tattoo! UPDATED... The reason why.

This is the original drawing for my tattoo, it is on the back of my shoulder. it is my only one, and will remain my only one (If I don't tattoo some sunflowerseeds and breadcrumbs for my bird, haha!)

The reason why:

Right before I met my husband I had this dream:

I dreamt I was a bird with one broken wing. Don't know what these birds are called in english... I was seeing this from above, this bird sort of limping around not being able to fly.

Then I saw a little sparrow coming, he flew in and gave me something, seeds I think, to eat.

I interpreted this dream as someone, seeming small and insignificant, coming along and giving me something I needed.

And then this young wonderful boy entered my life and nurtured me back to inner beauty and confidence.
He is not "Sparrow" anymore. He is a falcon, strong enough to carry me on his back. But I will never forget little bird, and he always will be that, in his heart.

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Ladybird sa...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Thanks a million for the link, of course I did the same for your link, and it's really an honor, what a sweet, warm, beautiful blog you have here... By the way, I'm really happy your foreigner-love story had a happy end!
Take care and drop by as often as you can!

eiramy sa...

Couldn't comment on your bedouin diary, so I'll just drop in here and leave some words for you...

*Hmmm not daddy's sweet little girl huh?
But you're still an angel in my eyes!


eiramy sa...

I have 2 tats:)
Want 1 more..maybe 2:)
But small ones..that mean something special to me.


Azrael sa...

Nice Tat...

Lady divine sa...

hmmm...so you've a thing for birds?
I would love to get tattoos too.. but convincing my mum is the hard part! and I don't want to do it behind her back and hide it coz I'll feel terrible and die of guilt!

Nadiyya sa...

I am going to update this post today and tell the story WHY I have this tattoo --- so please come again :)

...Kat sa...

an English Sparrow!

a plucky neat-and-trim little bird

btw, about the text not appearing on Love... I didn't understand that glitch either...but I went and posted it on the front page for YOU, and for Us :-) so we could have your wonderful words and gift (ty) up for all to see

...Kat sa...


you live in an incredibly beautiful place!

ah Athens!
ah Greece!

we had much concern and sorrow for everyone over the terrible fires there.
so very very sorry!

Lady divine sa...

wow...so there's a lovely story behind the tattoo.. that's really nice... and a wonderful one too...:-)

I'm really happy for you!! :-)

Nadiyya sa...

Thanks, guess I'm really making people sick here with blogging about my darling husbear, but after three years of NOT blogging about him I deserve it ;)

Key to the story is: Listen to your dreams. They yield valuable information :)

...Kat sa...

I recently (some months back) had the most amazing dream...provoked by problems I was having on the job....even in my sleep I was working to overcome the difficulties and my emotions about it.....

and every few years I have a dream about my lost love.... and in every one he comes back to me and I am gloriously happy and then he leaves me and I am bereft again.

...Kat sa...

oh!!! I love the idea of a tat to feed the bird...that is so Cosmic!

Mary Poppins sa...

that is such a nice story to accompany your tatoo....one of these days you're gonna have to show us the real deal...

Nadiyya sa...

Thanks MP, I promise you I will, but it will be a little while to wait for it, I have to get it a little "refreshed" first :)

Love and light!!