lørdag 22. september 2007

The wind in your sail... *A loveletter*

I want to be the wind in your sail, that carries you into the future.

I want to be a wave in the ocean, that gently rocks you to sleep.

The sun in your life, who makes you happy and warm.

I want to be a rose in your garden, that closes its petals around your dew.

I want to be a star in your mind, that brings you hope every day.

I want to be an oak in your forest, so that you can rest in my shadow,

the earth under your feet, so you can stand solid and firm.

I want to be a fire in your heart that never dies.

I want to be the wine on your lips, that makes you want to sing and dance.

For all of these things YOU are for ME!


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Anonym sa...

*;) just as love SHOULD be*